African Outstanding Professionals Award

  • By Daniel G
  • November 17, 2022

JAD Business and Investment Consulting PLC, represented by Daniel Gashaw, Founder and General Manager, named an African Outstanding Professionals Awardee powered by The Ghana Business Executive (TBE) and co-hosted by The Ethiopian Ethio-Telecom on November 4, 2022 at the Sheraton Addis, Ethiopia.

African Outstanding Professionals Awards is a continental awards designed to identify and publicly recognize extraordinarily capable and accomplished professionals across the various delineated fields of activity.The awards aim to encourage and promote professionalism all around the continent; and to directly identify professionals who are world class in their activities and therefore most deserving of taking part in international initiatives and projects.

The Awards Jury comprised of 12 members, each of which was drawn from different key sectors. To ensure as wide a range of expertise as possible the sectors delineated for composing the Awards Jury was wider than those used for establishing categories for actual awards.

The organizer, The Business Executive (TBE) is aGhana-based organizerhosts several awards in Ghana, other African countries and in the international arena. In Ghana, TBE organizes its flagship Ghana Industry CEOs Awards (Most Respected CEOs Awards) annually.

In addition, TBE periodically holds the Business Executive Excellence Awards, GhanaDevelopment Awards, Technology Impact Awards, Trade and Commerce Awards, Ghana TransportAwards, and Ghana Southern HemisphereAwards. TBE is also organizing the Nigeria Most Respected CEOs Awards and Liberia Most Respected CEOs Awards. At the international level, TBE is organizing the Africa Global Trade and Investment Awards and Africa Industry CEO Awards.

“The award is dedicated to the JAD Consulting Team and Clients that have brought us here, who have done a lot, and who reflect positively on JAD Consulting,” – Daniel Gashaw said.

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