• Tax appeal handling and defending
  • Tax and audit consultancy
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Pre and post-audit supervision
  • Financial management supervision

The Ethiopian tax and finance system may be described as frequently changing, updating and a loose agglomeration of proclamations, regulations, directives and rules. Ministry of Revenue (MoR) proclamations, regulations, directives and rules are sensitive and bounded by penalties. A tax advisor is a must who can be responsible for advising and consulting with clients in order to provide advice about tax legislation. Tax laws are changing all the time and tax advisors need to constantly alert about the latest developments and changes in order to incorporate accurately and update advice.

Our comprehensive tax and financial advice go beyond tax advisory. We look at the full spectrum of tax and financial factors affecting your wealth and business. The tax and financial expert more than 7 years of work experience in Ethiopian MoR makes us the most appropriate solution and a solution you can trust.

We delegate our clients and finalized by achievement in lots of tax-related cases that are connected with MoR. We can help you to be safe and save on taxes, prevent you from costly mistakes and advise you in Pre and Post Audit, Full Appeal Handling and other financial consultancy services.